What makes a great workplace?
January 9, 2018

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Every employer endeavours to have a comfortable and enabling workplace for their employees. It is the best way to have employees who can perform productively and to retain skilled workforce.

What makes for a great workplace?

It helps to know so that your workplace stays ahead of the competition. Here are some pointers:

Communication: Transparent and clear communication goes a long way in today’s times. Ensure that news, good and bad, is communicated from the top management to the employees from time to time. Hold meetings with clear agenda to communicate goals, news and make it a regular process. Let gossip not take over as the most turned to channel for information.

Work Culture: Most startups and mid-size corporates place a lot of emphasis on having a flexible work culture. Some of them have seamless hierarchies, flexible work timings, fun at work with enough options to de-stress and opportunities to learn and climb the ladder. All are desirable traits of a good workplace.

Fun and Entertainment: There can never be enough fun while you work. Every employee enjoys those office parties, get-togethers in a good eatery, a day out or office day. You can make it easier by making their claims for entertainment a breeze. Let them spend on a pre-loaded credit card or wallet and also use Apps that allow to split bills easily. Let them have fun without worrying about the tedium of compliances.

Enable work-life balance: Allow your employees time off to unwind and unplug from work. Enable technology to simplify administrative tasks. For example, by using the Udio App for expense management, they can save so much more time on administrative tasks and utilize it better. Most employees put work-life balance above higher pay scales and fancy designations.

Reward and Recognition: Don’t hold back when it comes to appreciating your employees. Most employees love digital gift cards, branded gift vouchers and options like pre-loaded cards as gifts. It makes them feel cherished as well as gives them the choice and flexibility to use that reward as they like. Recognition from top management, even intangible, is a great morale boost. Ensure it is done sincerely and regularly.

Skill Enhancement: With rapidly changing requirements and technologies at workplace, most employees like to enhance their skill set. Conduct useful workshops; allow them to attend seminars and also subsidize expensive courses and certification. It will help you to have a better skilled and more productive employee.

These tips will go a long way in making your organization a great workplace. Download the Udio App that helps make employee reward and recognition really simple for you.

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