Festive Season is Back – Get the joys of gifting with Udio Gifting Solution!
December 19, 2017

Have you noticed how digital gifting options like digital meal vouchers, digital travel and entertainment vouchers and digital gift cards have been embraced with open arms by both employees and corporates.

As a matter of fact, according ASSOCHAM, most employees prefer the convenience and flexibility that digital gift cards offer instead of receiving fixed gifts like dry fruit boxes or mithai dabbas.

Cash is not an option as only gifts as vouchers or physical gifts are tax free upto an amount of Rs. 5000.

Udio with its exciting range of branded online gift vouchers, digital gift cards and its widely accepted VISA and wallet options is a popular choice for corporates and individuals.

Here are the 5 joys of gifting with Udio gift solutions:

1. Flexibility: The employees love the flexibility of using digital gift vouchers to buy gifts of their choice. Another plus is that these vouchers can be used multiple times unlike store gift cards that have to be redeemed all at once.

2. Convenience: Digital gift vouchers from Udio can be redeemed right on your smartphone or laptop. No store visits, no hours spent in long queues.

3. Control: Companies have full control over the disbursal and monitoring of the digital vouchers. If not used, the money is sent back from the voucher to the companies.

With Udio digital gifting, the companies also get access to analytics and reports to monitor and measure whether the digital gifting solution has delivered against the goals.

4. Saves Time: Digital gifting options from Udio save time and effort for the corporates as procurement and disbursal is a breeze. The employees save considerable time as redeeming these vouchers is very simple.

5. Choice: The employee gets to use the digital gift option across multiple stores/portals as Udio VISA card and wallet are accepted across most merchants. And with the chances of losing a digital gift card being minimal, an employee feels assured that they will be able to utilize their voucher.

Isn’t it a win-win for both the employers and the employees? So what are you waiting for? Download the Udio app today and this festive season make your employees happier by giving them Udio gifting solutions.


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