Cyber Security & your wallet – Insights from Udio
December 13, 2017

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In the earlier days, just ensuring that your wallet was still in your pocket or purse meant that your wallet and in turn your money was safe. Now with changing times, your smartphone has become your digital wallet. Digital wallets via apps provide a world of convenience. You no longer need to carry bulky cash or worry about multiple cards. Now you have banking, shopping and wallet Apps on your smartphone. You can shop, spend, eat out, watch a movie, buy groceries all by simple clicks on your Apps.

Despite the massive convenience and ease of use, cyber security was one of the reasons why many people still preferred to transact in cash. According to them, digital transactions were unsafe. This causes them to take unnecessary risks like carrying too much cash on their person. With wallets this need not be the case. One can have a predetermined amount of money loaded in the wallet and spend it as they liked. Unlike bank accounts, wallets only have small sums of money pre-saved by you from your bank account or card thus minimizing your risk of loss.

Additionally, Udio also offers the facility of the physical VISA card that can be used at merchant outlets. In case, this card gets lost or stolen, it can be easily blocked from the App itself thus protecting you from any misuse of the card. One can also use the digital VISA card that is linked with the prepaid account for your transactions online in a secure manner.

Further, all digital transactions are now protected by a PIN or code that is sent to your mobile phone/email id.
Cyber security measures that protect you:

While there is a slew of measures in place to keep your digital transactions secure, it is always best to be aware of security practices that are in your hands.

Added precautions that you may take are:
1. Measures such as fingerprint and pattern help keep your smartphone secure if you are not around or if your phone gets stolen. Always hide when inputting the PIN for your credit/debit card at the merchant’s outlets.

2. Hide when inputting your PIN at ATMs. Hackers are increasingly becoming creative. Check for any skimming devices when you swipe your card.

3. Keep your PIN easy to remember but not so easy that the other person can guess it.

4. Never write down your PIN where it can be accessed by a third person.
Staying cautious goes a long way in keeping your wallet cyber secure.

Try user-friendly safe Apps like Udio which also offer a wallet where you can pre-load money to shop.

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“Cyber Security & your wallet – Insights from Udio”