Facing Cash Crunch? – Here are some tips to handle month end crunches!
November 23, 2017

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Every working professional dreads the month end as it is the time to burn the midnight oil for expense claims.

Let’s face it, none of us are organized about our bills. To overcome this panic month after month, here are some tips that can help you tackle the end-of-the-month expense claims madness.

Tip 1: Store your receipts in one place as soon as you get them

Have you noticed how often we miss picking up bills after team meet lunches and dinners? Or find the bill at month end faded and illegible. Losing a receipt equals losing reimbursement. Not pretty, right? So what should you do? Immediately take a snapshot of your receipt on your mobile and save it to your synced Google Photos gallery. That way, all your receipts are in one place on the cloud where they are easily retrievable and no fading problems as well.

Or use Udio’s UXP and instantly click a picture of your bill and claim on the go as it is synced with your organization’s claim process.

Tip 2: Categorize your receipts

There are times when you go on trips, spend by way of cash and credit card and then have no clue how much was spent and for what at month end. Our memories are overburdened, after all. Best is to create your own excel sheet and instantly add your bill to the expense category that you’ve created as you make the spend. This will lead to no end-of-the-month hassles of remembering. Store the excel sheet in your Dropbox folder so that it can be accessed anytime from the cloud and even on your mobile phone.

Or use the UDIO Visa card to make all your expenses and have them automatically added to a trip. That way your expenses are synced with categories and can be directly sent for reimbursement.


Tip 3: Use official credit card

Do you remember the time that you used your personal credit card and landed up breaking your head with the company’s accounting personnel over the reimbursement? Yes, the nightmare is real. The best you can do is use company credit card or have clear sanction for your spend. Anything in the ambiguous zone cause rejections.

Or use Udio’s prepaid card solution. No additional approvals needed.

With Udio, no more end of the month madness.

Claim on the go – anytime.

So get Udio today and start your new month on a happy note.

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